Welcome to Equine Wellness Therapies

This site is to inform and teach the horse owner about Wellness Therapies for  your horse. I can assist you to bring happiness and health to your companion or assist your vet with barn calls if your horse is sick or injured and be your horse’s nurse.


The focus of my work is getting to the core of the issue and bringing the horse into balance physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. It is more then  treating the symptoms. I have used holistic therapies in humans for many years, and now applying them to horses with great success! 

If I am unable to get to your barn, a hair analysis is an option to get to the core of the problem. The hair follicle, from the tail, is read from a reaction plate providing information about what is stressing your horse, therefore creating the symptoms. The symptoms are just the messenger. You will receive feedback about the core concerns and suggestions to bring your horse back into balance. For more information to see how this is done see animal biofeedback

I begin with a detailed history, including when was the last time the teeth were assessed; eating habits; medications; and what you use your horse for.

It is my experience to begin with an dental history if the teeth were not floated within the past year. Many issues can be resolved by bringing the teeth into alignment and occlusion, called Gnathology.  This practiced started with human dentistry.

If your horse has any emotional/physical trauma this can be assessed. Here we can use Energy Medicine such as the Emotion Code, a simple technique that removes trapped emotions with a magnet. Stored trauma or unwanted emotions, such as fear or anger can be harmful and effect digestion and wellbeing. Dr. Bradley Nelson is the founder of this quick effective therapy

To bring your horse into balance can take some time, perhaps months, especially if the horse has been sick a long time and some degeneration has occurred to his/her physical body. Not all horses need the same therapies, each horse is an individual and needs to be treated as such. I take in all aspects of the horses life, medical history and personality, for there is no simple answer. Almost always, you will see some improvement in your horse’s quality of life. I am very knowledgable, sensitive and intuitive about complimentary protocols as it has been a life long study and passion. 

I am available to come to your barn if your vet is unable and work under his supervision as I do with medical doctors. I specialize in wound care and have extensive experience in cleaning/flushing wounds and applying medications or plant oils along with compression and other forms of wrapping. I am available for other laid up therapies, such as IV medications, injections or any other medical needs.

With your permission, I would like to practice with your vet and keep him informed.  I do not  diagnosis. I assess for congestion, toxicity, inflammation, wellbeing with a  focus on prevention. I provide education, not advise. 

Below are some of the Wellness Therapies
I have used with great success and you can too! 


Barn Nursing: for wound care and other laid up therapies; to assist your vet or an independent consult. Wound care specialist using plant oils or specific wound care treatments that cleanse, reduce pain and    inflammation to enhance granulation. See  article about equine visiting nursing. 

Energy Medicine: The Emotion Code, a therapy developed by Dr. Bradley Nelson can quickly remove negative emotions that could be creating those unwanted  symptoms. It can be done over the phone or in person using a magnet after identifying the emotions; and Magnet Therapy

Dental Health: To correct the oral biomechanics of the whole mouth by aligning the incisors and molar tables to balance the TMJ which then restores jaw motion as it  directly relates  to the entire body via the neuro/muscular system. A practice started in human dentistry, Gnathology

Hair Analysis: to assess physical and emotional stresses andimbalances, followed by a nutritional program based upon results, which are an custom match to the hair follicles. IceMan returns to workSee Animal Biofeedback

Iridology: the study of the color, pigments and structure of the iris as it relates genetically through reflex responses to the strengths and deficiencies of the bodies systems. A camera is used to takes photos of the iris for assessment. Read about Latte’s recovery here Latte, the Gem.  For more information see Equine Iridology

For more information and to contact Karen email: karen@equinenurse.com

This is a preventative approach only and does not replace veterinary care. Please consult your vet before you consider any change in his nutrition or treatment. With your permission, I would be happy to discuss with your vet.